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What is Compounding?

To show the compounding process

“What is compounding?” you might ask. It is the art and science of formulating a specific medication and dosage form for a patient. We work closely with patients and providers to make sure the medication is most effective, accurate, and supportive of holistic health for patients.

Commercial medications offer very few options in dosage and form. In the photo above, we are making a progesterone capsule at a strength that is not commercially available for the patient. Specified dosing is often necessary in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), immuno-suppressant drugs, and pediatric/pet dosing. Forms can include liquids, capsules, topicals, tablets, lozenges (dissolvable), and injectables. Some patients may prefer or require a different dosage or form based on physiological impairments or preference.

Compounding gives the option to remove allergens, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from a prescription. This is possible as we start with the raw ingredients to construct the final product, and can withhold or replace certain items depending on the need or preference of the patient.

Another advantage is making preparations more palatable for children and pets. Many commercially made dosage forms come in only one flavor, limiting adherence to taking their medications. We offer a wide variety of flavors.

Here at Columbia Compounding we believe in quality compounds and safety. We only source from FDA approved distribution facilities and perform in-house and third party testing on many of compounded preparations. For more information visit our “What is Compounding” page, or visit Please reach out to one of our friendly pharmacy staff members to discuss possibilities and the services we can provide.